Breach Remediation

2020 saw a nearly 600% increase in bad behavior on the Internet over 2019.  Nearly 600% more ransomware, viruses, targeted breaches, account hijacking, payment fraud, the works with more than 65% of attacks being deliberate, individualized breaches.

According to the FBI, more than 50% of small businesses, defined as having less than 1,500 employees by the SBA, have experienced a cyber breach.  Maybe you’ve already experienced one and want to make sure the doors are closed and locked.  Or maybe you haven’t and want to make sure you don’t.

We can help.

Ounce of Prevention…

Coverage review

Don’t have a Cyber policy already? You’re a babe in the woods. Naked. You should fix that.

Penetration testing

Nearly every network has holes in it. Where are yours? What can an attacker gain access to? Are you sure?

Vulnerability scanning

Like PEN testing, but for software, what are your vulnerabilities? What is your exposure? Are you sure?

Architecture review

How does your environment stack up against current attack methods? What do you need to know?

Policy review

Are your policies and procedures current? Do you need some?

Pound of Cure…

Malware remediation

Among other things, we have experience reverse-engineering ransomware. Yes, you read that right.

Data recovery

Those non-responsive data stores may very well be recoverable. We have the experience to find out and recover what can be.

Contact tracing

We can find out who in the “dark web” is hunting you and your data and help you armor yourself.

Architecture redesign

Sometimes it only takes a little change to radically improve your security posture.

Employee training

Generally, the weakest link is ignorance. We can fix that.

Our Philosophy

We have no interest in trying to offer every possible security answer for every possible security problem. We choose to focus on a “subset of everything”, do it well, and offer it at a fair price to our customers.